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Carla Delanoix

Travel Agent Professional

18 year Industry Veteran who loves to travel and proud mom of 1 awesome boy (32 years old!)

Expertise- Caribbean, Hawaii, Mexico, Honeymoons, and Multi-Generational Travel

With almost 18 years of experience, Carla has so much passion for giving people the vacations of their dreams and helping to craft memories that last a lifetime. She started in the Travel Industry by working for her Mom who has been a travel agent herself for over 40 years. Carla learned a lot from her Mom and taught herself everything from the ground up. She then got her foot in the door at Maritz Travel, and she took off from there!

Being the newest member of the Travel Haus Team, Carla has got great enthusiasm and such a positive attitude that you can’t help to have a smile and get excited about travel when you are around her! She loves to travel and spent her college days traveling around the USA, so the travel industry was the perfect stepping stone for her. When she travels, she loves to experience everything when she is at any destination and loves to get “off the beaten path” to experience the destination from beyond being the “tourist”.

Carla will help with all of your vacation needs and will always make the extra effort to give you that unique vacation experience to have lifelong memories.