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Christina Royer


Christina has been a traveling soul since she was old enough to tag along! Through her later years in life Christina has traveled all over the world and found so many wonderful places to go while yearning to mark more destinations off her bucket list! 

Christina has a business degree, nursing degree and attended Logan University for Chiropractic. While helping others is an instinct and a passion she possesses, Christina enjoys applying that to assisting clients craft memories with Travel Haus.

Christina is happily married to her husband, Andy, and together they have three (soon to be four) beautiful children!  As a family, their best memories are made during their travels.  Andy and Christina quickly knew their wedding would be a destination and Travel Haus made it better than they could’ve ever imagined!  Because they had such a positive experience with Travel Haus during their wedding, they booked many trips through them thereafter and eventually Christina took the leap from healthcare to becoming an Independent Agent with Travel Haus!

Christina is looking forward to assisting many 501(c) (3) organizations raise funds for many efforts, crafting memories for families, couples, independent travelers, bachelor parties, destination weddings and anything in-between!