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Nancy Long

My favorite place to travel is somewhere I have visited before! That can be anything from a new location to a new resort in an old favorite destination. I love the sense of adventure the first time you experience something different!

For romance destinations, I’m a huge fan of the El Dorado chain in Mexico. I’ve stayed and visited their properties multiple times and my husband and I always have a wonderful experience!

I’ve been traveling for a LONG time. I’ve had the pleasure of being a travel agent for almost two years now.

Travel makes people happy! I like to work in an industry where you can fulfill clients dreams and wishes and at the best price possible!

My best tips for travelers is to read their travel information and documents a week before vacation and not the night before. If there are problems, issues Are harder to fix with no time. Vacations are all about creating your own memories and fun so remember to make that your priority!